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Based in Tampa, Florida, Mint Sparks is a web design, web development and web marketing company that brings more than a combined 27 years of experience in development and programming to the table. Our primary goal is to make your business and online brand stand out from the other clutter that litters the digital world. We do this by enhancing user experience, with a focus on Mobile-First responsive design and mobile usability, which search engines like Google place a high value in. Whatever your budget, our team designers and coders will create a unique website that not only looks good but also helps you rank higher in search results.

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Do potential customers visit your website and ‘bounce’ out of it right away? If so, it’s impacting how well you rank in search engine results – and it’s something you can fix with the right web developer behind your back (end, that is). No matter whether you’re a small-, medium- or large-sized business, our team of professional designers and coders can complete either a new custom website or a redesign that will increase traffic, lead to conversions and, ultimately, result in higher profits. We do this by carefully concentrating on your website’s copy, graphics and navigation, following Google’s best practices while ensuring it isn’t forgettable, like the other dull websites on the Internet.

From front-end and back-end development to social application and interactive programming, our team of professional web developers will work to ensure your business is properly equipped to bridge the gap between a customer’s initial visit and the ultimate conversion. Whether it’s a landing page, custom website, e-commerce or complicated cross-platform integration, we have the resources and personnel to help you succeed.

If you’re seeking the services of a reputable website design company in Tampa, Florida, contact our office today. We’re ready to drive your business and brand to the top!

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