With Web Design determining a successful performance of the website in so many ways – from visual aspects reflecting on user experience and behavior to comprehensive technical requirements sizing up search engine ratings, there is a wide scale of relevant skills, knowledge, and experience essential for creating a website design that works well on so many levels. Our designs are not only made to be eye-catching. They are also made easy to navigate for a better user experience and higher conversion. And from a technical perspective, they are deliberately designed to be implemented for faster loading and helping to rank higher in search engines.

The way how functionality and design elements are implemented and load on the website makes a lot of difference in the search engine ratings. And that adds a lot more weight also to the web designers’ skillset. On the one hand, the design needs to be appealing, clean, and guide the visitor through the website to eventually convert into a customer. But at the same time, it needs to be based on technical knowledge and understanding of principles that later on help developers turn the design into a fast loading website.

Therefore it is vital to partner with a professional designer and developer like us at MINT Sparks Web Design who provide both visual and technical skills in order to achieve the best performance of the website.

What’s So Different About Our Web Designs?

Web Design influences many factors evaluated in search engine algorithms – content appeal, user experience, visitor behavior, pageviews, and many technical performance related indicators. The usability of the website on mobile devices is a must in search engine ratings already for some time. Now also the technical performance of the website on both desktop and mobile devices has got into the equation and that just keeps adding new requirements for higher evaluation and ranking. That includes various aspects of how functional and design elements appear on the website and how fast they allow for the website to load altogether.

Our team of designers and developers has years of experience working with Search Engine Marketing professionals not only developing new projects but in many cases exhaustively working on redesigning existing websites to improve their evaluation in search engines, including loading speed and other technical requirements.

Now for over several years, we have conducted successive, detailed research of search engine requirements in order to deliver the desired outcome and have achieved outstanding results by implementing our knowledge in practice.

Responsive ready web design
Responsiveness to different electronic devices is essential for the performance of you website from both SEO and UX/UI perspective.
Fast loading web design
Loading speed and technical performance of your website can make a huge difference for overtaking you competitors in search engine rankings.
User Oriented UX
In order to improve onsite marketing performance, it is vital to create the site based on understanding of the audience and its requirements.

Your website needs absolutely the best combination of functionality, design, and technology to cover all aspects required for the most successful performance. It needs a clean design that stands out among the competition and is easy to navigate to convert more customers as well as the latest technology implemented in the backend for faster loading, mobile responsiveness, and additional potential to get higher rankings in search engines.

The experience, knowledge, and technical capabilities of our team will help you make the best use of your budget. You will get a clean, appealing design with a clear navigational path to guide your visitors to become potential customers. At the same time, we will ensure that your website applies the latest technologies and best practices required to get higher rankings in search engines.

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